Anonymous inquired:

What is your OTP from each of your fandoms? >:D

You’re gonna make me choose only one from each? But anon, I have so many.

1.) Doctor Who: Honestly I’m gonna say Ten and Rose. They are just so good together. They helped each other change for the better and love and care for one another.

2.) Sherlock: John and Sherlock for basically the same reasons as Ten and Rose. They make each other better and clearly do love and care about each other. You can clearly see that whether you ship them or not. Hell, they would even die for one another. If that’s not proof, I don’t know what is.

3.) Supernatural: It’s a bit of an ‘unpopular’ ship but I ship Sam and Cas. They’re many reasons as to why I ship them. I like how their relationship changed throughout the series. From Cas calling Sam ‘the boy with the demon’s blood’ to basically sacrificing his sanity to save Sam. I also just love how easily Sam forgave Cas for breaking his wall in the first place. It shows Sam’s strength of character but it could also show that he genuinely cares for Cas. And it’s the small things I love, too. Like the look of pure relief when Sam finds out Cas is alive (after he got his soul back) to the small conversation they had in season 7. Also, I just think they would be cute together. They could go to the movies or go ice skating. Thinks that Dean would really never do, you know? Anyway, those are some of my thoughts on that.

4.) And lastly, Harry Potter. I know I don’t blog about it but it still matters dearly to me.

My OTP for that is Harry/Ginny or Harry/Hermione (I honestly can’t choose). When I first started reading the books, I shipped Harry and Hermione something fierce. I still do, but when I got older I realized how well Ginny and Harry work together. Ginny is a strong woman who won’t take shit from anyone and Harry is a stubborn ass sometimes. He needs a girl who’s not afraid to tell him he’s wrong. So it’s a draw between those two.

Hope that was good enough, anon. :)

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